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My name is Rachel and I make things. I can think outside the box or in it. Me and creativity are friends and I use that to my advantage in graphic design and life. Please have a look at my work below and let me know if Firefly can make things for you too… Read more about Firefly →


Logos and branding, adverts, posters, brochures, catalogs, business cards and letterhead. I am fluent in the Adobe Suite software and can produce graphics for lithography, digital or news press printing, as well as large-format design.


Graphics and framework for websites, eCommerce & online stores, blogs and Facebook pages. I am fluent in HTML & CSS, with knowledge of JQuery and PHP. I am familiar with WordPress, PrestaShop and OSCommerce.



Firefly's latest adventure! Check back soon to see our innovative design roadmap - making invites exciting! Click below to get more details or how to contact me for affordable, custom wedding invitations and stationery.

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